Population stabilization is effective, responsible and economic

We are advocating for the use of humane non-lethal methods to reduce the Canada goose population in Collins Park.


why roundups don't work

It seems logical. Destroy the Geese and the problem will go away. The truth is that Geese from surrounding areas will move in and you will be back where you started. For this reason, agencies that perform these roundups have not offered money back guarantees.

Roundups are conducted in July when Geese have molted and can no longer fly. After the molt, in early August, Geese will start pond hopping and foraging for food. At this point a new flock of Geese will relocate to your area.

do the math - three thousand dollars buys you almost 2 months without Geese

you can achieve better results with less if you apply strategy and science.

grassroots group saves the geese

July 19, 2006

Three days was all it took.

Saturday morning, June 3, I arrived at Collins Park in Scotia with my wife, Kat. As the rain fell, we met up with Laura and Matt Brown, residents of Scotia. We counted almost 200 Canada geese, the very ones sentenced to death in the coming weeks at the behest of the Scotia village board... CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE STORY...

canada geese and public health

Do Canada geese pose a threat to public health in Collins Park? Judge for yourself by visiting Canada Geese and Public Health, a concise report from The Humane Society of the United States.

support from local businesses to save the geeseDon't Gas the Geese!

  • Show your support by wearing a Don't Gas the Geese T-shirt, available at Tee-Zone in Crossgates Mall (lower level next to Godiva, across from the Apple Store) -- -- 518-464-9023. The owner, Ray, has offered us a discounted price!
  • Drink coffee! Visit the Village Coffee Shop at 127 Mohawk Avenue in Scotia -- 518-388-0092. Thank you for your support!
  • Utilize a mix of services from Adirondack Elixir Co., Inc., including Commercial Graphic Design, Portraits, Logos, Gourmet Foods, DJ Services, Editing, and Ghostwriting. Contact Dian or Brett VanDerVolgen at or 518-693-7354. View Dian's beautiful illustration of Canada geese!
  • Eat at the Skyport Diner at 37 Freemans Bridge Road in Scotia (at the end of Maple Avenue) -- 518-382-9773. Thank you for your support!

Business owners: Please show your support! Send email to with your location and phone number.

ALTERNATIVES TO KILLING -- Please scroll down for more information.

alternatives to killing

As our mission statement states, we want to ensure that only effective, non-lethal, humane methods are used to manage the goose population in Collins Park. Numerous alternatives to killing the geese have been proposed, many of which have been successful in other communities.

Alternatives to killing include:

  1. Border collies: Border collies are natural predators that will chase Canada geese away. Organizations such as GeesePeace and Wild Goose Chase use border collies to successfully reduce Canada goose populations. Success stories:
    • The Crossings of Colonie: "At first the dogs come three times a week. They jump in the pond and swim out to herd the geese into shore where they bark at them until they fly away...."
    • Paul Stringer, Grounds Supervisor, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA: "At first I was leery of having dogs chase the geese off our 120-acre resort. We have 3 ponds, several fountains and water features and 24 acres of turf that the geese seem to love....In one season we have reduced the number of geese on our property significantly with no harm to the geese and no enviromental impact....I would recommend Wild Goose Chase to anyone serious about fixing their goose problem."
    • John A. Risler, CGCS, Town of Colonie Golf Course, Albany, NY: "We have a 300-acre property with several water features...attractive to Canada geese. Since using Wild Goose Chase's services several years ago, we have seen our resident Canada Goose population drop to almost nothing....I would recommend Eric Johnson and his dogs to anyone."
  2. Egg addling: To reduce the number of goslings born every season, ensuring that eggs do not hatch via egg addling. Volunteers are available to help find nests and "addle" the eggs, which includes such techniques as shaking the eggs, poking pinholes in the eggs, covering the eggs with vegetable oil, etc.
  3. Natural barriers: Canada geese love lakes and rivers, as well as neatly-trimmed lawns and fields. Creating natural barriers between water and land reduces the likelihood of geese finding a location such as Collins Park to be an ideal habitat. Volunteers are available to help create such natural barriers.
  4. Do not feed the geese: Posting signs instructing visitors to not feed the Canada geese will help to discourage the geese from staying in Collins Park.

VOLUNTEERS WELCOME Canada Geese Seasonal Activity

Nesting Season

This time of year you will see geese in pairs because its nesting season.

This will continue through the middle of May

Proper protocol is to leave them alone during this time. Trained staff and volunteers will be oiling the eggs.


All birds go through a molting period each year to replace damaged, lost, or deteriorated feathers. Canada geese go through a second molt each year, to replace all flight feathers. In our area (upstate NY) this typically takes place in late June and early July. During this time the Geese will be flightless.


Migration season is October through March.
During this time Geese are foraging for food, many will pond hop looking for a suitable habitat with food, water and safety.
It's best to haze these large flocks as they arrive.

Proper training is required for effective Hazing. If you are interested in helping then please fill out the membership application. We will train and schedule you for a shift. Follow this link to learn more.

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